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DRONES VIP  is a flight school (CIAC) Civil Aeronautical Training Center certified by ANAC (National Civil Aviation Administration of Argentina), with authorization for the training of pilots, which offers the academic training to obtain official recognition (not mandatory even for to be able to carry out any work at professional level with drones).

The personnel who carry out the training, as teachers and instructors, are professional pilots, with years of experience and a large number of flight hours in unmanned aircraft; experience thanks to which, they know all the details of its operation, which gives them an excellent preparation for the development of the teaching material and the ideal methodology.

Our objective is NOT only to give licenses … DRONES VIP trains professional pilots, capable of operating all types of aircraft (Drones, RPAS, UAV’s), contemplating the instruction from normal flight situations to extreme situations. For this, our theoretical training program contains aspects of general aeronautics, technical topology and physical-mathematical aspects, complementing the practice in controlled environments for flight learning under various circumstances.

We conducted the courses in person and since September 2017, our theoretical training modules give students the possibility of learning from a distance through our remote access e-learning system.

FIRST instruction center certified by the ANAC: The National Civil Aviation Administration, certified on January 24 to the “First Center for Civil Aeronautical Instruction of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles of the Argentine Republic” through the Center for Instruction in Civil Aeronautics Computing VIP, after having fulfilled the requirements of the RAAC Part 141. More information


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It worries and occupies itself by providing a proper training to instructors and end users on the operation of unmanned aerial equipment.

That is why we recommend that you do not use the equipment without previous knowledge; the purpose of the course dictated by INFORMÁTICA VIP S.R.L. is that the operator knows the usefulness and application of the (Drones) Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, applying the existing technology. Instruct the operator on the Laws, Provisions and Resolutions in force in the Argentine Republic. That the operator knows the scopes of the (Drones) Unmanned Aerial Vehicles of several of the models, with the different parametrizations and particular idiosyncrasies. That the operator understands and uses flights with Drones by browsing and using the online video, or otherwise navigating through instruments. In the flights of up to 2000 m of distance the transmission of live images is realized, and finally that the operator acquires skills in the accomplishment of tactical flights.

Mission: To collaborate with the development of the companies, in their needs of technological resources, with qualified personnel, commitment of technological renewal applied to the service and certified quality standard under the ISO norms, orienting us to the professional market, of services and of production.

Vision: To be recognized as a leading national company of international competence and projection, in the provision of technological resource development and services, adapting our own resources and our strategy with flexibility and cohesion, in order to satisfy the needs of the market with quality, increasing the value of our company.